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                Company Profile   Your are here £ºAbout us


                    Guangzhou CBT Auto Tools Co.£¬Ltd.is a professional company specialized in research and  developmet,and production of automotive instrumentation.The company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the production of automotive instrumentation.
                    The products£¬CBT series instrumentation£¬include:RÒ»134A Manifold gaugeset,uv-car air-conditioning system leak detection package,A/C system testing adaptors set(Japanese Combination)£¬Cooling system tester.Fuel injection test set,Automotive vacuum test kit,Gasoline compression tester,Vacuum&Fuel pupmtester,Engine oil pressure tester,Cylindere pressure meter for diesel truck£¬Cylinderleak detector,brake pressure test kit,automatic waveÒ»box pressure meter,basicexhaust back pressure set,hydraulic testers£¬etc.The company continues to develop the production ofthe new car testing products.
                    The company has advanced production equipment,mature processing technology and perfect quality management system.
                    The company always adhere to the principle of"quality first,reputation first,dedicated to providing our customers with high quality products.
                    Warmly welcome to cisit our company,and we can also make OEM for our customers.

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